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Texas Prompt Payment Act Analysis


The Analyst’s Office worked with the Harris County Auditor’s Office and Harris County Attorney's Office to assess Harris County compliance with the Prompt Payment Act and assess payments processing times to vendors over the last five years. Of the 1,224,688 vendor invoices paid in the period reviewed, Harris County issued payment to vendors on-time for 90.6% of all invoices (1,109,879). Harris County issued delayed payment to vendors for 9.4% of all invoices (114,809).

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Update: COVID-19 Vaccination, November 2021


This memo is the eleventh of a monthly series that provides an overview of the COVID-19 vaccination effort in Harris County. As of October 24, 2021, 54.4% (2,575,464) of individuals in Harris County were fully vaccinated – a 4.2% increase from September 26, 2021.

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Update: COVID-19 Vaccination, October 2021


This memo is the tenth of a monthly series that provides an overview of the COVID-19 vaccination effort in Harris County. As of September 26, 2021, 52.2% (2,471,866) of individuals in Harris County were fully vaccinated – an 8.8% increase from August 30. The demographic with the highest percentage of individuals vaccinated are individuals who identify as Hispanic aged 65-74 (74%). The demographic with the lowest percentage of individuals vaccinated are individuals who identify as Black aged 12-29 (24%)

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Update: County Social Services-Public Safety-County Services Spending Comparison FY2010—FY2018


This updated analysis expands upon a prior Analyst’s Office memo by comparing data from five jurisdictions outside of Texas—Cook County, IL; the City and County of Denver, CO; King County, WA; Maricopa County, AZ; and Miami-Dade County, FL; and four counties within Texas: Tarrant, Travis, Bexar, and Dallas counties—with data from Harris County. For six of the ten counties reviewed, annual spending related to Public Safety was higher than spending on County Services or Social Services. For the nine-year period analyzed, Harris County spent more on Public Safety (44%) than in any other category—three times the amount spent on Social Services (13%).

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Update: COVID-19 Vaccination, September 2021


This memo is the ninth of a monthly series that provides an overview of the COVID-19 vaccination effort in Harris County. As of August 30, 2021, 48.2% (2,270,241) of individuals in Harris County were fully vaccinated - a 6.6% increase from August 8.

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