About the Analyst's Office

The Harris County Commissioners Court’s Analyst’s Office was created by the County’s Commissioners Court in 2019 to provide the members of the Court and County departments with access to policy research and analysis to support policy decision-making.

Our Mission: To be Harris County’s primary provider of timely, accurate, and informative reports that contribute to the efficiency and effectiveness of County operations and the understanding of public policy.

Our Approach: The Analyst’s Office produces objective, nonpartisan analyses of complex policy matters. Our work seeks to maintain a dispassionate, non-persuasive tone to provide 1) background information on an issue, 2) objective analysis, and 3) practical, evidence-based policy options for the Court or County departments to pursue, when applicable. The Analyst's Office assumes an independent, evidence-based, and data-driven approach to analyses.

Our Work: The Analyst’s Office performs two key functions: Conducting policy analyses and providing technical assistance to County staff and departments.

Policy analysis requests are received directly from member offices of Commissioners Court, County departments, and the Office of County Administration. The Analyst's Office produces reports in response to those requests. Examples of these requests include estimating the annual cost of services provided to an individual experiencing homelessness in Harris County and assessing the County’s adherence to the Texas Prompt Payment Act.

Technical assistance opportunities allow Analyst’s Office staff to partner with County departments and provide support on select projects where writing, convening, and research needs exist. These opportunities allow County departments to leverage the analytical skills and the knowledge of County operations of the Analyst’s Office staff. An example of our technical assistance work is our collaboration with the District Courts Administration, Office of Justice and Safety, and Office of County Administration on development of a language access plan and associated budget proposal for services for limited English proficiency individuals in County district courts.