Update: COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution, May 2021


This memo is the fifth of a monthly series that provides anoverview of the COVID-19 vaccine distribution in Harris County. As of May 23,2021, 12.8% (445,959) of eligible individuals in Harris County residents werepartially vaccinated; and 33.7% (1,588,752) were fully vaccinated.

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Update: COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution, April 2021


This memo is the fourth of a monthly series that provides an overview of the COVID-19 vaccine distribution in Harris County. As of April 26, 2021, 17% (603,758) of eligible individuals in Harris County residents were partially vaccinated; and  31% (1,109,143) were fully vaccinated.

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Update: COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution, March 2021


This memo is the third of a monthly series that provides an overview of the COVID-19 vaccine distribution in Harris County. As of March 29, 2021, 1,020,644 Harris County residents were vaccinated with at least one vaccine dose (29% of Harris County’s eligible population) and 546,051 were fully vaccinated (15% of Harris County’s eligible population).

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County Health Coordination Memo


There are three county health-related agencies in Harris County: Harris County Public Health, Harris Health System,and the Harris Center for Mental Health and IDD. Over the course of the last four decades, there have been multiple efforts to improve coordination across these agencies, many of these efforts continue today. This memo provides an analysis of the collaborative arrangements practiced in health-related agencies in six jurisdictions (Bexar County, Dallas County, Galveston County, Travis County, Los Angeles County, and Miami-Dade County), highlights methods to improve cooperation, and provides a legal analysis of the potential consolidation of Harris County’s health-related agencies. 

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Update: COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution, February 2021


This memo is the second of a monthly series that provides an overview of the COVID-19 vaccine distribution in Harris County. This memo expands on the previous publication (the January COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution memo) by including data relating to COVID-19 testing, cases, and deaths in Harris County, and Commissioner Precinct-level analysis where available.

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COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution, January 2021


This memo is the first of a monthly series that provides an overview of the COVID-19 vaccine distribution in Harris County. This memo includes data for vaccine doses distributed by all providers in Harris County with doses administered presented by recipient age, gender, race and ethnicity, and zip code, from the start of local distribution on December 14, 2020 through January 31, 2021.

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Law Enforcement and First Responder Response to Mental Health and Substance Abuse Calls for Service


The Commissioners Court requested the Analyst's Office, in partnership with the Justice Administration Department, analyze the feasibility and cost of creating a new county-level program to route 9-1-1 calls for mental health and substance abuse to a non-law enforcement crisis response team. This abridged version of the study includes a background of the existing 9-1-1 responses, agencies, and programs involved with substance abuse and mental health response in Harris County. The final report, led by the Justice Administration Department, is forthcoming.

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Disproportionate Impact of COVID-19 on Low-Income and Minority Households


Prior to outbreak of the novel coronavirus low-income and minority communities experienced disproportionate health outcomes such as reduced access to health insurance, reduced access to financial support, increased prevalence of illnesses like diabetes, asthma, high blood pressure—and the current outbreak is compounding existing disadvantages and the social statuses are not distinct. This memo outlines strategies policymakers can adopt to mitigate these impacts.

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Inventory of Active COVID-19 Relief Funds Across the US, Review of Best Practices for Relief Funds, and Estimate of the Impact of Proposed Harris County Fund


The economic fallout related to COVID-19 impacts many Harris County residents and businesses. This memo provides an overview of then-emerging COVID-19 economic relief funds in jurisdictions across the country and offers best practices for establishing a local relief fund. This memo also provides a review of the economic outlook in Harris County as a result of the pandemic, current relief efforts underway, and estimates of the impact of a proposed $15 million Harris County Relief Fund.

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Inventory of Policies Implemented in Jurisdictions Across the United States to Address the Developing Novel Coronavirus Outbreak


The rapid spread of COVID-19 prompted many jurisdictions to enact local policies to prevent transmission of the disease. This memo provides a summary of CDC guidelines and a review of reported advisories, policies, and strategies implemented by other jurisdictions in response to COVID-19.

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